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Green Card based on employment

The immigrant visa is what is commonly called the green card. It gives the holder the status of permanent resident. The green card holders are future U.S. power.

Often the French arriving in the U.S. and want to work immediately trying to obtain permanent resident status, symbolized by the famous map verte.En Indeed, the green card is the key to freedom and allows you to work for the employer of your choice without any restrictions.

However, the file processing green card involves long and complex procedures and you can wait a long time (often years) before you get it. By cons, you can live and work in U.S. without green card with a visa called "non-immigrant".

It is really advisable to start with that.

To enter the United States or to work, you need a visa.

For tourists from certain countries, including France, a visa waiver only (visa waiver).

The slightest misstep on immigration can be very expensive. By understanding the guidelines, you will easily guide you through this jungle but do not expect on your own, except perhaps for the visa B, D and F.

Immigration is again complicated and not always logical.

Records must elaborate, well documented and only a U.S. immigration lawyer and experienced can help.

But knowing where you are going and what you can expect, you can save time and money.


US Work Visa

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