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Onward 2009 The UK has implemented new programs related to immigration, for immigrants wishing to settle on its country, or spend some time for job or other activities.

One of the most popular programs is for highly skilled migrants, was introduced in January 2002 and amended in November 2006 : the HSMP program.

There are also many opportunities for investors , the students graduating in the UK , the descendants of citizens of the British Commonwealth , the residents to live with their families , the active tourists (wishing to undertake during their stay), and the skilled workers (or not) with a job offer in the UK.

You may have to wait several months to ensure that your application is processed by the British administration, or spend all day there before d iscover you do not have the necessary documents.

We are registered with the OISC in the UK and we can thus submit expressly for your visa at the British administration, your application will be processed.



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