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Charity is one of the noblest virtues of man. A charitable parson is a lover of humanity. he has sympathy with his fellow-men and he likes to help others in distress. Charity can be exercised in several ways. A beggar may not get anything from a hard-heard and callous person. On the contrary, a charitable person would surely give some relief to the beggar on his door. A man of charitable disposition such as flood, earthquakes, riots etc. and he contributes his mite to relieve people in distress.
It is common knowledge that a charitable person contributes liberally to such relief founds. It is the sprit of charity which prompts people to send woolen cloths, food, money and other material help to the unfortunate brethren who have been the victims of some natural calamity. Charity is a noble sentiment.
However, every human being is not charitable. If this were so, no country in the world would suffer the pangs of hunger and poverty. It is sad that some countries have enough and to spare while inhabitants of other countries live below the poverty line. However, injudicious charity is harmful. The charitable person s should show the sprit of charity only to deserving persons. Indiscriminate charity gives rise to a class of people called parasites.
Also one should not trumpet one’s charity. However, in the present times most charitable persons are show charity for publicity or to win social kudos. Such persons are hypocrites. The best form of charity is one when the identity of the donor remains hidden.
Child labour
Today, there are millions of children who work as wage-earners. They are deprived of childhood, love, nutrition and social association. Child labour emerged during the industrial revolution and today it has become a very serious problem. It is a world-wide phenomenon.
Extreme poverty large families, lack of free and compulsory education and ignorance of parents are the most glaring causes of child labour. Children do not cause labour trouble and they are ready to accept lower wages. But sometimes, children are not paid far their labour and are kepd as apprentices. Children from four years of age to fifteen years are made to work in glass factory, carpet industry, hotels and they are paid as low as rupees fifty to about hundred for working for more then twelve hours daily. These children are not allowed to have contact with the outside world.
These children have no chance to attend school and have no choice except to work as unskilled labour. These children are compelled to live below poverty line all their lives. There are many laws against child labour in Pakistan and in other countries but these laws alone cannot control the exploitation of children. We must get the support of all the people of the society to control this menace.
According to the law, no child below the age of fourteen can be employed in any hazardous job. Another law states that children should not be made to work beyond their capacity and they should be given opportunities and facilities to develop in a healthy manner. However, all these laws have failed to check the problem of child labour. Stringent laws should be enacted and exemplary punishment should be given to those who exploit children for their selfish end.




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