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English Language Course Online

Introduction: English is an international language. It is very important to get grip on it for making progress. It is a big hurdle for Pakistanis living abroad. They feel it difficult to stand with a good name in their society. For studying abroad or doing some job, you need to interact with many people of that country. For this, you should be familiar with some common sentences in English and their Urdu. If you can read and understand English, then definitely you can speak it with a little effort as well.
There are several methods of learning a language. Out of them, we have selected the easiest one for you. When a child is born, he cannot speak. With the passage of time, he is able to understand. This is because of hearing a few words from the surroundings repeatedly. Soon, you see, he starts speaking fluently. Similarly, the purpose of this website is to make you learn English in a simple and easy way without the involvement of hard and fast grammar. You can do this language course online sitting at home. You do not need to travel for learning English. This is a free course. Do not waste your money and time here and there.
What you have to do is that learn only seven sentences daily on your finger tips. These are very common sentences with easy vocabulary words. You use them in your routine life most of the time. For better understanding, they have been given with the Urdu translation. You can complete this English Course within 70 days without feeling any burden. Almost, all types of sentences have been included so that you may be able to use them efficiently.
So, no more worries. Let us start today’s lesson and improve our English.
Learn the following sentences orally and click here for exercise.

Today Lesson
Today Exercise
Try this dose for two days. In case of relaxation, you can come again to get more.
It is not good for health to take sleeping pills daily when you do not feel sleepy.
Dr. Azhar is diagnosing the patient and will suggest him the medicines accordingly.
Nursing is a good field, but people treat nurses like servants.
Your grandfather is heart patient and you should take him to some renowned cardiac centre.
Some people say that Polymer Engineering is similar to Chemical Engineering, but it is not.
She does not eat rice frequently because she has stomach problem.

Yesterday Lesson
Yesterday Exercise
If you want to take part in wrestling, first make your muscles strong.
Excessive use of cigarette has made his lungs weak.
Mrs. Junaid could not sleep the whole night because of inflammation in throat.
Hernia is a curable disease, but my father is not ready to go through operation.
She has been wearing the oxygen mask since Monday and still no chances of being well.
Bacteria cannot be seen with the human eye, but with the help of the microscope.
Her mother cannot bend down due to backbone problem.

2 days old Lesson
Exercise for this
WWW is an internet address appended before every website address.
The network of all computers is called Local Area Network.
The unit of measuring the visibility of a camera is Mega Pixel. The larger MB, the good result.
Software never dies or perishes, if there is a bug in it, it will be from the very beginning.
The cable used for wiring of internet connection is called Coaxial Cable.
ROM is Read Only Memory which is written only once and can only be read later.
For selecting a text, put your cursor on the start of the text and drag the mouse till its end.

Improve Your Pronunciation:
If the word you use is of high vocabulary, but your pronunciation is wrong, it will make people laugh at you. A very easy solution to this problem is that download “word web” dictionary. Enter the word in the search bar of dictionary and click on the microphone. You will hear its correct pronunciation. Utter 2,3 times and use next time confidently. Whenever you hear a new word, must consult Word Web for its meaning, spelling and pronunciation.

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