Find Airlines Ticket Rates

Tips for Cheap Air Tickets

Are you planning to have a trip in vacations, but within your budget-line? That is a good idea, then why not first go through the tips about how to get cheap air tickets? Let us see how it is possible:

1. Select Flexible Dates:

The price of the air tickets depends upon what date, day or time you choose for travelling. Generally the charges of air tickets are cheap when there is Christmas or some special occasion. If you select a flight other than weekends, you may get cheap rate comparatively, because a number of people visit on Sundays, so the price rise up. Again, if you travel after a big holiday, you will get discounted price. The flights which are scheduled at the very early morning or midnight, are inexpensive, the reason is simple. There are less people for that time booking. So, you need to be flexible about the choice of date to fly.

2. Select Flexible Destination:

If your purpose is just recreation or enjoy a trip, then you should select a place where flights are the cheapest. To compare the prices of different destinations, you may check Google flights or Kayak. Every place offers cheap packages to the tourists. You just have to stay in touch with the latest schedules.

3. Choose Budget Airlines:

The budget airlines offer less rates for long travels and world tour, such as Norwegian airlines offer Europe tickets from Bangkok at almost 250 USD each side. WOW airline presents inexpensive flights from US to London and Iceland. Similarly, Air Asia X has a number of cheap packages to travel in Australia and Asia. It charges near about 100 USD each side. If you are interested in the travel of Middle East and India, you can avail yourself of the Indian and Middle East Airlines that offers inexpensive flights in Africa and Asia. Europe offers cheaper travels than America. By AirAsia airline, you can even have a trip to Kuala Lampur within $30 from Bangkok.

4. Choose the Best Route:

It is also very important that you choose the best route for travelling. For instance, it is cheaper to travel via London to Amsterdam instead of having a direct flight. You can compare the distances and routes of the airlines and select the least possible route. Similarly, if you want to visit Paris, it will cost you 900 dollars directly, but via Dublin, it saves your 240 dollars, i.e. 600 USD for travelling to Dublin and only 60 USD to Paris from there.

5. Choose Student Offers:

Being a student, you can have a big deal of discount on the air ticket pricing. They are available on STA Travel website. They will help you a lot in getting cheaper flight.

6. Choose Frequent Flier Plans:

If you choose the frequent flier plans, you can get a chance to have flights free of cost. Besides, they will keep you updated regarding every new travelling deal for example, visit Airline Rewards Programs and sign up to their sight. Discounts will be like, if you choose Singapore Airlines, you will be able to get cheap flight from the United Airlines, the reason is that they have partnership.